VYBE TELECOM PVT. LTD. is a registered and licensed Class B Internet Service Provider.


• New Vybe Telecom subscribers are billed on 1st of the month subsequent to the month in which they have subscribed to Vybe Telecom services.
• Vybe Telecom does the billing for monthly packages one month in advance. All subscribers of Vybe Telecom are by default aligned to the 1st of monthly billing cycle.
• Vybe Telecom does the billing for fixed term packages (like Annual, Semi-Annual etc packages) from the date on which package is activated till the package expires.
• Vybe Telecom bills its data package customers on a post-paid basis. All usage which exceeds the package limit of a particular month, is billed in the next month bill cycle.
• Vybe Telecom invoice becomes due and payable, immediately upon the bill being raised.


• At the time of subscribing to Vybe Telecom data services, the subscriber is required to pay the following charges:
• Installation charges, if required as per the terms of the package being subscribed to
• Security Deposit, if required as per the terms of the package being subscribed to
• Subscription charges for the entire package amount being subscribed to
• Any other charges, as may be required, as informed by Vybe Telecom sales staff to the subscriber.
• Vybe Telecom subscribers are required to pay their bills immediately on receipt of the same, else the services may be disconnected without notice.
• Billing disputes will only be entertained upon the subscriber first clearing the entire amount billed by Vybe Telecom. If Vybe Telecom finds any genuine errors in its billing, the same will be passed to the subscriber by the way of a credit note in subsequent months.
• Vybe Telecom provides multiple monthly services to its subscribers, and its subscribers are not allowed to hold back or delay payments of one service on account of any issues or concerns that the subscriber may have with another service. In such circumstances Vybe Telecom retains the right to disconnect the services of the subscriber without notice, in case of non payment within prescribed time.
• Vybe Telecom assigns credit limits to its subscribers based on certain parametres, and in case the subscribers cross these limits, they will be disconnected from the Vybe Telecom service with or without notie


• Vybe Telecom delivers its services using the world’s most advanced active fiber optic network. An active network requires power from the subscriber and Vybe Telecom subscriber accords his/her/their consent to the same for the duration of their subscription to Vybe Telecom services.
• Vybe Telecom ‘subscriber’ undertakes to never switch off the power to any Vybe Telecom equipment which may be located in the premises of the ‘subscriber’, without giving adequate notice of at least 7 days to enable Vybe Telecom to make alternate arrangements, at the time of services being discontinued. Any violation of the same will be treated as a breach of this agreement.

5.Usage of internet

• Vybe Telecom explicitly prohibits its ‘subscriber’s to use the services provided by Vybe Telecom for any illegal or immoral activities as specifically prohibited by the laws of the land. Any deviation to this requirement, will invite immediate action from Vybe Telecom, including but not limited to filing a complaint/case with the necessary authorities for the purpose of enforcement of legal remedy or action.
• Vybe Telecom services cannot be used by the ‘subscriber’ for illegal voice termination activates and any notice of the same will invite immediate censure by Vybe Telecom and the same will be reported to the authorities who enforce the laws of the land.
• Vybe Telecom services cannot be used by the ‘subscriber’ for malicious, illegal, anti national activities and any notice of the same will invite immediate censure by Vybe Telecom and the same will be reported to the authorities who enforce the laws of the land.
• Vybe Telecom services are governed by the rules and norms prescribed by TRAI and DOT and accordingly, Vybe Telecom reserves the right to track the usage of its ‘subscriber’s and on demand provide the same to the authorised.
• Vybe Telecom mandates that its ‘subscriber’s keep their access password secure and secret all the time. Any sharing of passwords is not permitted and in case any instance of the same is observed or brought to our attention, then Vybe Telecom reserves the right to recover damages from the ‘subscriber’.

6.Shifting your connection

 Vybe Telecom allows its customers to request for a connection transfer in case you are shifting your residence/office. The same is a chargeable service and is subject to network feasibility


Vybe Telecom endeavours to provide installation of a new connection within 5 working days, as prescribed by TRAI, subject to technical feasibility. In case of any delay beyond 5 working days, TRAl guidelines are adhered to by Vybe Telecom. Note: If extra cabling is required for feasibility, additional charges will apply.

8.Refund policy

 Vybe Telecom does not entertain refund of any amounts that may have been paid by the ‘subscriber’, for an Annual / Semi-Annual / Quarterly / Monthly package. Only in case of non-feasibility of a new connection, refund is made by Vybe Telecom . The time for a refund to be affected is 4-6 weeks, beyond the allowable time of 15 working days as


 Vybe Telecom oers gift vouchers / schemes with some of its product oerings. Vybe Telecom reserves the right to withdraw these schemes at any point of time without prior or advance notice. Vybe Telecom requires 4-8 weeks to deliver the Gift Vouchers, and the same is done on a best eort basis. The ‘subscriber’ has to ensure that correct address information and address proof is provided in the Customer Application Form, otherwise Vybe Telecom cannot be held accountable for any delays in delivery of any product. Vybe Telecom, from time to time, may oer software packages / products to its ‘subscriber’s, which would be typically linked to the ongoing subscription to Vybe Telecom’s services by the ‘subscriber’. These packages and products are third party tools/applications and Vybe Telecom would oer the same on a best eort basis. lnet Fiber is not responsible for any eect on the performance of ‘subscriber’ system/pc/laptop/router, due to installation of this third party software or any loss or financial implication that the ‘subscriber’ may suer
as a result. Vybe Telecom explicitly reiterates that usage of said products is at the discretion of the ‘subscriber’ and is not a mandatory requirement in order to use the services of Vybe Telecom.


 The Internet contains unedited material, some of which may be illegal, sexually explicit, immoral or offensive. Vybe Telecom is merely providing connectivity to the internet and has no responsibility or control over the contents of the internet or the individual’s usage of the same. Vybe Telecom is not responsible for virus/malicious traffic which may infect the PC/Laptop of the Vybe Telecom subscriber, since Vybe Telecom has no control over the same. You, the Vybe Telecom subscriber, assume full responsibility and risk for the use of the services provided by Vybe Telecom. The subscriber is solely responsible for evaluating the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of all services, products and other information and the quality and merchantibility of all merchnadise provided through the internet access service oered by Vybe Telecom. The services by Vybe Telecom are provided on an “as available” basis only. Vybe Telecom does not warranty that the services will be uninterrupted, error-free or free from viruses or harmful components. Vybe Telecom is not liable
for any costs or damages that may arise directly or indirectly on account of your using the services provided by Vybe Telecom, including any direct, incidental, explanary multiple special punitive or consequential damages in any event including acts of god, lightning strikes, earthquakes, floods, storms, explosions, electricity fluctuation, fires and any natural disasters, malicious damage etc. Further, Vybe Telecom does not accept any responsibility or blame for any loss (notional or otherwise) that you may claim to suffer on account of any deficiency or delays in the services provided by Vybe Telecom. Vybe Telecom also hereby informs the subscriber that their personal details will be provided to the Legal Authorities on demand, without any prior intimation to the subscriber.

11.Termination of Agreement

• Continued use of Vybe Telecom services, constitutes acceptance of the terms of this agreement in its present form without exception and also includes acceptance of any future revisions to the same. If the subscriber is dissatisfied with the services provided by Vybe Telecom then the sole and exclusive remedy available to the ‘subscriber’ is to stop using the services and to terminate the Vybe Telecom account, under intimation to Vybe Telecom in writing. This does not absolve the ‘subscriber’ of any dues which remain and the same remains payable.
• Vybe Telecom also reserves the right to disconnect the services to the ‘subscriber’ in case of any of a number of reasons, including but not exclusive to – negative address verification, non payment, violation of any terms or this agreement, usage of the service for any illegal or immoral activity etc.


Any disputes arising out of / or related to this agreement will come under the Hyderabad Civil Court Jurisdiction.


I confirm my acceptance to the terms and conditions specified above by placing my signature overleaf.